Monday, April 15, 2019

Writing, No Writing: Guest Blog Post at North American Review

Here's my second guest blog post, "Writing, No Writing: Cultivating the Emptiness of the Page," at the North American Review:

The blog post opens:

"Normally, not-writing is rejected experience. Most writers value the popcorn sound of typing or other signs of productivity—a paragraph written, a journal page filled, a poem drafted, a noble goal of 3,000 words/day. The entire reason for prompts is to springboard writers out of the preverbal and into the verbal, for instance. We only begin to feel secure once language makes an appearance on the screen and the word count climbs. Each new sentence or line seems to rescue us from a perceived plight of failure, transporting us farther away from this face-off with nothingness..."

1 comment:

  1. Insight #2 : "Delays are inevitable. I’ve met far too many people who self-diagnose their occasions of verbal emptiness as a deficiency in themselves as writers, a misperception that may cause them to quit trying altogether. " Being a writer myself I can say that this insight is very true indeed :)