Recent Publications, Summer 2020

Recent Publications, Summer 2020:

Available Online:

Creative nonfiction, "Scissors of the Air," Green Mountains Review

2 Poems, "Landfill Basics, The White Paper" and "Bowl of Fruit No. 1" at The American Journal of Poetry:

Creative nonfiction, "Still Life-Writing Room, 2011-2019," at Diode:

Creative nonfiction, "Mattress on the Floor," at Arcturus / Chicago Review of Books:

Creative nonfiction, "Why Look for Animas?" at Hobart  [Forthcoming]

Available Hard Copy:

2 Poems, "I HEART My Cat Still Life" and "Poem with fruit flies and narrative bees" at New American Writing

Creative nonfiction, "Hello to All That," at Southern Humanities Review   [Forthcoming]

2 Poems, “Poem Held Aloft by Clouds, One in Each Corner” and “Ode to the Civic" at Barrow Street.

2 Poems, "Sonnet Branches" and "Social Media Enso" at Shearsman Magazine [Great Britain]

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