Monday, August 16, 2021

NEW Article on Mindful Writing, "Mantra of Intention"


I've published a new article on mindful writing, "Mantra of Intention," at New Writing: International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing

The article will be reprinted in Creative Writing: Stimulus, Intention and Process," forthcoming from Routledge, edited by Graeme Harper.


The single most impactful intention a writer can set isn't to work every day, or finish a draft by a circled date on the calendar, or keep submitting work in the face of editorial rejection. It's to prioritize observing the present moment above word count, above stylistic concerns, above reaching a target audience, above any other aspect of composing. From this one simple intention to remain mindful desk-side cascades a series of alterations in our approach to process that causes minor to major stressors to fall to the wayside, leading to increased verbal output and a more positive outlook toward writing. Prioritizing the writing Now annuls our fixation on product or outcome that stunts invention; it helps us better appreciate the nuances of prewriting and the nonverbal; it casts a spotlight on the chimerical nature of the audiences who constrain us; it honors our writing body and our writing emotions.

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