Publications List


Prolific Moment: Theory and Practice of Mindfulness for Writing. Routledge, 2018.

Creative Writing Pedagogies for the Twenty-First Century. Co-edited collection with Tom C.
Hunley. Southern Illinois UP, 2015.

Battle of Silicon Valley at Daybreak. Spuyten Duyvil, 2022 (available now).

The Water Draft. Spuyten Duyvil. 2019.

Control Bird Alt Delete. University of Iowa Press. Winner of 2013 Iowa Poetry Prize. 2014.

Lid to the Shadow. Slope Editions. Slope Editions 2010 Book Prize. 2011.

Fall Foliage Called Bathers & Dancers. Omaha, NE: Backwaters Press, 2008.

COVID Spring: Granite State Pandemic Poems. Alexandria Peary, ed. Hobblebush Books, 2020.

COVID Spring II: More Granite State Pandemic Poems. Alexandria Peary, ed. Hobblebush Books, 2021.

Select Scholarly Journal Publications:

“The Role of Mindfulness in Kairos.Rhetoric Review. 35.1 (2016): 22-34.

“The Terrain of Prewriting.” Journal of Creative Writing Studies. Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2016.

“Walls with a Word Count: The Textrooms of the Extracurriculum.” College Composition and
Communication. 66.1 (September 2014): 43-66.

Review of Janelle Adsit’s Toward an Inclusive Creative Writing: Threhold Concepts to Guide the Literary Writing Curriculum. New Writing: International Journal for the Practice and Theory of  Creative Writing. Forthcoming.

“The Montaigne Method: Adding Content and Consciousness through Revision as Invention.”
Co-authored with Staci Fleury. Journal of Teaching Writing. 30.2 (2015).

“Foreword.” Guest-edited issue (with Tom C. Hunley). New Writing: International Journal for
the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. 11.3 (2014): 436-437.

“The Hidden Ethos Inside Process Pedagogy.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching
Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture. 15.1 (Winter 2014): 289-315.

“Taking Self-Help Books Seriously: The Informal Aesthetic Education of Writers.” Journal of     Aesthetic Education. 48.2 (Summer 2014): 86-104.

 “‘An Extremely Pleasant New Kind of World’: Hughes Mearns and the Open-Access Approach to Creative Writing.” New Writing: International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. 10.3 (2013): 348-358.

Eliza Leslie’s 1854 The Behaviour Book and the Conduct of Women’s Writing.” Rhetoric Review. 31.3 (July 2012). 

“Speculative Fiction: High-Stakes Creative Writing in the Disciplines.” The WAC Journal. Vol.   23 (November 2012).

“On Detail: The Poetry of Caroline Knox.” Literary Imagination.14.3 (November 2012).
The Licensing of the Poetic in Nineteenth-Century Composition-Rhetoric Textbooks.” 
College Composition and Communication. 61.2 (December 2009).

 “Mindfulness, Buddhism, and the Rogerian Argument.” JAEPL: Journal of the Assembly of
Expanded Perspectives on Learning.  (Winter 2005/2006).

“Bringing Creativity into the Classroom: Using Sociology to Write First Person Fiction” with
Laurie Gordy. Teaching Sociology. 33.4 (October 2005).

“Reading, Writing, Research: Incorporating Strategies from Composition and Rhetoric into
Library Instruction” with Linda Ernick. College & University Libraries 11: 1 (2004).

 “Strange Identities in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Laura Jensen.” Pleiades 21:2 (2001).

Select Literary Magazines (Poetry):

"Chopin Nocturne No. 2 in E Flat, Op. 9, No. 2.” Main Street Rag. Forthcoming.

"Sonnet Branches" and "Social Media Enso.” Shearsman. Issue 125 & 126. Fall 2020.

“I HEART My Cat Still Life” and “poem with fruit flies and narrative bees.” New American Writing. Issue 38. 2020.

"Title covered in flies" and "5 per Page” at Plume  January 2021.

3 Prose Poems at Northern New England Review Winter Poetry / Alexandria Peary — Northern New England Review (

“Oysters and Fish.” North American Review. Summer 2020.

"Landfill Basics, The White Paper" and "Bowl of Fruit No. 1.” American Journal of Poetry:

“Counterfeit Clarice Last Lispector,” “Rhetorical Invention at the Polls,” and “Portrait Surrounded by Fictional Elements.” Conjunctions online. January 2020.

“Poem Held Aloft by Clouds, One in Each Corner” and “Ode to the Civic.” Barrow Street. Summer 2020.

“The Real Deal.” Spoon River Review. 44.2. Winter 2019.

Poem with fruit flies.” Sixth Finch. Summer 2019.

“Edward Hopper Weekend” and “Gusts.” Chariton Review. Vol 41, No. 1. Spring/Summer 2018.

“‘The Fish’ on a Plate” and “Paper Dolls.” New American Writing. Vol 36. 2018.

“The Gallery,” “Moving Day,” “Venus of Lowell.” American Journal of Poetry.

“Ceiling Poem, Wall Poem” and “Paperweight.” Volt 23, 2018.

“Call Number, Postcard, Lava from Pompeii” and “Private Writing Gallery.” Diode, 2018.

“Pellet” and “Shadowbox,” Boston Review. Winter 2018.

“Self-Portrait with Figure in Ski Mask.” Del Sol Review. Winter 2018.

“Happiest on Earth.” Cimarron Review. Issues 199/200/201, 2017.

“Melon.” Gettysburg Review, 30.2, Summer 2017.

“Bilingualism” and “Medieval Contemporary American Poetry.” Forklift, Ohio, 35-36, Fall 2017.

“Balsam.” Yale Review. April 2017.

“How to Become a Writer in 12 Easy Steps.” Painted Bride Quarterly. Print Annual 8. 2017.

“Greenfield, U.S.A.,” “Knick Knack,” and “Spiritual Evidence for Life on Earth” Hotel Amerika. Spring 2016.

“Prayer for a Mill Town,” “Foliage Poem,” and “Real Estate, Really.” Zymbol. Fall 2016.

“The water draft,” New American Writing. Vol. 34, 2016.

“Joy, Of, Life.” Volt. Volume 21, 2016.

“Shesangbeyond.” Bombay Gin. Vol. 42, 2016.

“Adult Coloring Book.” Juked. (2016):

“Redux” and “Junk Shop,” New Delta Review. 5.2:

“Excellent Bathers.” LIT. 28: 25, 2015.

“A Lot of Poems Bathing in a Stream.” North American Review. 300(4), 10.

“Troubled Lawns.” Birmingham Poetry Review. No. 42, Spring 2015.

“On the Flap of an Envelope.” Diode. 8.1., 2015.

“These motorized consorts.” Denver Quarterly. 49.3, 2015.

“Construction Site.” Sixth Finch. (Winter 2015):

“Instant Transmission of Knowledge,” “The Mou-Mou of Enlightenment,” “Mixed Border,” and “Ring

Tones.” Map Literary, Fall 2014.

“Oh, Massachusetts.” Poetry Daily. September 6, 2014.

“Surveillance meteor.” Verse Daily.

“A Dream Splashed with Ropes” and “A Dream Splashed with Ropes (2).” Volt. Issue 20.

“The Lottery of Winged Leaves,” “Klee Carpets,” “Gift Basket,” “Brite Motes,” “Bath Toys Sit in the Description,” and “Bob’s Keys to the Kingdom.” The Chariton Review. Vol. 36. No. 1, 2013.

 “Lilacs.” Denver Quarterly. Vol. 47. No. 4., 2013

“Bird Saver” and “Surveillance meteor.” New American Writing.  No. 30, May/June 2012.

“The Origins of Spring” and White Orchard.”  Literary Imagination. 13.1, 2011.

“How About Daphne.” The Gettysburg Review. 23.4, Winter 2010.

“The Entrance of Spring,” “The Gift,” and “Prodigal.” New American Writing.No. 28, 2010.

“The Cherry Blossoms Were” and “The Logic of Spring.” Denver Quarterly. 44.2, 2010.

“Orchard in a Flurry.” jubilat. Vol. 17, 2010.

 “The Crying Woman.”  The Massachusetts Review. 48.1, Spring 2007.

“Close, Briefly Shaped as Trees” and “Passes.” The Gettysburg Review. 19.4, Winter 2006.

“Conversational Portrait in Grass.” Crazyhorse. Issue 63, Spring 2003.

“The Architecture of a Love Poem,” “Push-Button Landscape,” and “Handwriting in the Sky.” The Gettysburg Review. 15.3, 2002. 

“Pieces of interior and landscape,” jubilat 5.1, Spring / Summer 2002.

“The Word.” The Spoon River Poetry Review. 27.2, Fall 2002.

“One Page Mountain,” “The White Building,” and “Pastoral.” Verse  2 & 3: 18, 2001.

 “The oranges are sexing” and “The Perfect Life.” Fence. 3.1, Spring/Summer 2000.

“While I Write on a Window.” Pleiades  20:1, 2000.

 “Fall Foliage Called Bathers & Dancers” and “Moonlight Cocktails Are The Thing.” The Gettysburg Review. 12.2, Summer 1999.

“Egyptian Tomb of Emily Dickinson” and “Two Women from a Matisse Painting Listening to Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring.’” Mudfish. Vol. 11, Fall 1998.

“Still Life with Literature” and “Room with dots.” Poetry Northwest. 37.4, Fall 1997.

“The Fever First Took The” and “My Mother Found a Horse in My Mouth.” Fine Madness Issue 21, 1995 .

Select Creative Nonfiction and Fiction:

“Deca-meron.” Broad Street Review. Nominated for Best of the Net.

“Wild Apple.” Terrain.

“Hello to All That.” Southern Humanities Review. Nominated for Pushcart Prize and Notable Essay in

Best American. Vol. 53 No. 3. 2020.

 “Scissors of the Air.” Green Mountains Review.

“Why Look for Animals?” Hobart.

"Still Life-Writing Room, 2011-2019." Diode. Nominated for Best of the Net 2020. Summer 2020:

“Mattress on the Floor.” Arcturus/Chicago Review of Books. Summer 2020:

 “Green Controlled.” The Gettysburg Review. 31.4 Winter 2018.

“Where Particular People Congregate.” Meridian. Winter 2018.

“Making Coffee In Lizzie Borden’s Kitchen.” Cimarron Review. Issue 204. Summer 2018.

“The Pill That Made Me a Poet.” Anamoly. Nominated for “Best of the Net.”

“Introductions.” Brick. Spring 2017.

“The Control of Green.” Flyaway. 2016.

“Behind the Counter.” New Madrid. Summer 2015: 76-93.

“Eclairs.” The Chariton Review. 37.2, Fall 2014.

“Holes and Walls.” New England Review. Vol. 35. No. 3, 2014.

“Declined.” Guernica. June 23, 2014.

“Knick Knacks.” Superstition Review. Issue 12, 2014.

“Bob’s Keys to the Kingdom.” Hippocampus Magazine, March 2014. 

Work in Edited Collections:

“Histories and Historiography in Creative Writing Studies.” In Changing Creative Writing in America.
Ed. Graeme Harper. Multilingual Matters Press, 2017.

“The Pedagogy of Creative Writing across the Curriculum.” In Creative Writing Studies: A Guide to Its
Pedagogies. Eds. Alexandria Peary and Tom C. Hunley. Southern Illinois UP, 2015.

“Where Particular People Congregate” and “Ye Ol’ Country.” Watching the Perseids: The Backwaters Press
Twentieth Anniversary Anthology. Backwaters Press: 2017.

“Egyptian Tomb of Emily Dickinson.” Poet Showcase: An Anthology of New Hampshire Poets. Eds. Alice B. Fogel and Sidney Hall. Hobblebush Books: 2015.

“Where Particular People Congregate” and “Ye Ol’ Country.” Watching the Perseids: The Backwaters Press
Twentieth Anniversary Anthology. 2017.

“Increasing the Efficacy of Audience Instruction through the S.A.S.E.” Chapter in Engaging Audience: Writing in an Age of New Literacies.  Eds. Brian Fehler et al.  Forward by Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford.  NCTE, 2009.

“Egyptian Tomb of Emily Dickinson.” New Voices: University & College Poetry Prizes, 1989-
1998. Ed. Heather McHugh. New York: Academy of American Poets.  (2001).

Magazine/ Blog / Newspaper Publications:

“Writing in the Company of Ghost Readers.” The Writer’s Forum. Vol. 205. November 2018.

“The Ability to Write is Always Present.” Guest Blog Post for National Council of Teachers of English, May 2018:

"The Point of Now." Guest Blog Post for North American Review:

“Right Acceptance,” January 2015.

“Water Breaks, Writer’s Block.” May 2012.

“Revision of the Sandwich.” April 2012.

“How to More than Just Survive with an MFA,” Poets & Writers (2004)

“Local Fruits and Vegetables are Back to Tempt the Palate.” The Broadcaster 9 Sept. 2004.

“Downtown Gallery Brings Synergy to the Table.”  The Encore 7 Oct. 2004.

“Signs of the Road.” New Hampshire Magazine. June 2011.

“At the Pump.” Brain, Child. October 2008.

“The Way We Write.”  NH Writer.  Newsletter of New Hampshire Writers’ Project.  Summer 2010.

“How to Break the News.”  Preemie Magazine. Accepted for publication.

“Marks of Life: A Parent’s Guide to Hemangioma.”  Preemie Magazine.  July/August 2007.
“A Way to Give Back to Your Child’s First Home.”  Preemie Magazine Jan/Feb 2007.

“One Can at a Time.”  New Hampshire Magazine April (2005).

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