Friday, February 8, 2019

Program for North Shore Young Writers Conference: The Mindful Moment

I'm sharing the program for the workshop I gave last week on mindful writing to English teachers so you have a sense of how these presentations look. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a presentation for your school, institution, or group. 

The Mindful Moment for Creative Writers and Teachers

2019 North Shore Young Writers Conference
February 1-2, 2019

Alexandria Peary, MFA, MFA, PhD

First Mentor Group Meeting

I.                    Overview of mindful writing approach

II.                 Mindfulness, bare awareness, metacognition

III.              Strategies for developing mindful awareness
a.       Activity: Mind List
b.      Activity: Mindful Eating for Description

IV.              Writing Factor #1: Intrapersonal rhetoric (inner voice)

V.                Audience as Māra
a.       Activity: Caricature of a Tricky Audience

VI.              Preconceptions about Writing Ability and Writing Task
a.       Activity: Already Perfect Exercise
Second Mentor Group Meeting

I.                    Intrapersonal rhetoric continued

II.                 Audience Proximity and Revision
a.       Activity: No Feedback Feedback

III.              Mindful Writing Factor #2: Impermanence
a.       Activity: Freewriting to Track Change
b.      Activity: Momentwriting

IV.              Mindful Writing Factor #3: Verbal Emptiness
a.       Activity: Prolonging Prewriting
b.      Activity: Disposable Writing
c.       “Corpse” or Relaxation Pose for Revision

V.                Third Mindful Writing Factor: Materiality and the Body for Writing
a.       Activity: Yoga for Hands

VI.              Wrap Up

Recommended group activities (see handout packet or consult blog link):

2. Twenty Five Breaths Exercise

3. Momentwriting

4. “Corpse” or Relaxation Pose for Revision

5. Loving Kindness Meditation for Writers

6.  Disposable writing

7.  Word Bells (discuss what could be selected as a bell):

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