Saturday, April 18, 2020

This Very Moment is Perfect (with Mindful Writing): Online Presentation I'll Be Giving on Monday, April 20, noon, EST

On Monday, April 20, at noon EST, I'll be giving an online talk for our COVID-19 time, "This Very Moment is Perfect (with Mindful Writing), for the Mindful Moments Series sponsored by Southern New Hampshire University. Details are below. 

We hope you enjoyed the last installment of Mindful Moments online and are ready to learn more about keeping calm! Please join Alexandria Peary and the rest of the Mindful team today at 12:00PM to hear more about This Very Moment is Perfect (with Mindful Writing).

Click the link to join the session:

Description: Mindfulness can help people deal with difficult thoughts and experiences with self-compassion: those benefits are amplified when mindfulness is combined with writing. In 30 minutes, we’ll discuss ways to use mindful writing to redirect attention to the present moment (useful for grounding ourselves in the now and gaining better control of our thoughts). Activities will include a Mind List and Yoga for Hands. The goal is to develop calm awareness through writing, to find equanimity by dwelling in the present moment, perfect moment.

Alexandria Peary, MFA, MFA, PhD is the author of Prolific Moment: Theory and Practice of Mindfulness for Writing. She has given talks on mindful writing for the International Writing Program, Imperial College of London, Southern Vermont College, and the New Hampshire Poetry Festival. She has guest blogged on mindful writing for the National Council of Teachers of English and the North American Review, the country's oldest literary magazine. She serves as Poet Laureate of New Hampshire, and several of her initiatives as poet laureate focus on mindful writing. Find more information at

If you know of a SNHU staff or faculty member that would like to join in, please forward them this email and encourage them to join our mindful mailing list at

Stay positive and healthy!

The Mindful Team

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