Monday, August 3, 2020

Mindful Writing Webinar for Teachers this September

   Three Saturdays this September, I'll be offering mindful writing sessions online for the National Council of Teachers of English. The purpose is to help reduce stress in U.S. instructors' lives as they return to teaching in the face of COVID-19. Below is the description and registration information. Please relay the info to English teachers you know.

It can be hard to stay in the now these days. We long for a time not long ago when our colleagues’ faces weren’t covered by masks and for a future day when our classrooms return to normalcy. This series will help teachers find calm and balance in the present.

In each session, participants will be invited to do a guided meditation and then an activity that combines writing with mindfulness, including loving-kindness meditation, yoga for hands, bowing to difficulty, and moment writing. As part of these restorative writing experiences, we will discuss mindfulness strategies for detachment, compassion for self and other, and openness to possibility.

By writing in the moment, we can relax into the present and into ourselves.


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