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Master Class on Mindful Writing [offered in-person and online]


Master Class on Mindful Writing: How to Reduce Writing Problems through the Present Moment

2-4 PM    May 6, 2022

[Offered at the 2022 North Country Writers' Day. Info on other events available here.]

White Mountains Community College

In-Person and Virtual

Writing can become much more fulfilling and joyful if we think of it as happening right Now. Whenever we overlook the present moment, we give up rewarding writing experiences in exchange for stress, procrastination, boredom, and shortchanged creativity. It’s a poor bargain. This interactive session focuses on how to use mindful writing techniques to write with more peace and productivity. We cover the basics of mindful writing, including impermanence, audience ghosts, monkey mind, and preconceptions about our writing ability. Participants gain hands-on practice with several mindful writing techniques. Geared for participants ages 13 and older, this master class is designed for people who occasionally or often struggle with writing, who teach writing, as well as for participants who don’t struggle with a writing block but are interested in picking up skills. The strategies apply to creative, academic, professional, and personal kinds of writing.

About the Presenter:

Alexandria Peary (MFA, MFA, PhD) specializes in mindful writing. She is the author of Prolific Moment: Theory and Practice of Mindfulness for Writing as well as the architect and host of the mindful writing webinar for the National Council of Teachers of English. Alex is a frequent presenter on mindful writing for New Hampshire Humanities and has also presented on mindful writing for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), NH Children’s Trust, and as the 2021 keynote address for the Secondary School Writing Centers Association Conference. Her 2019 TEDx talk “How Mindfulness Can Transform the Way You Write”  can be found on YouTube:  Alex is a professor in the English Department at Salem State University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on creative writing and mindful writing.

Event is free to individuals ages 13 and up. Registration required for either in-person or virtual. Participants will be contacted with room and/or Zoom info in late April.

To register by Apri 15:


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