Sunday, June 5, 2022

Materials on Mindful Writing

Here's a compilation of my recent publications
and talks on mindful writing as a
resource for you.

Book and articles:

Prolific Moment: Theory and Practice of Mindfulness for Writing (Routledge 2018). 

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“The Role of Mindfulness in Kairos.” Rhetoric Review. 35.1 (2016): 22-34.

"Mantra of Intention." New Writing: International Journal for the Practic
and Theory of Creative Writing. 19.1 (2022): 3-12

"What Does Mindfulness Offer Teachers?" Interview with NCTE, Council
Chronicle, November 2021:  article here.

Desk Meditations: here.

“Writing in the Company of Ghost Readers.” The Writer’s Forum. Vol. 205. 
Nov. 2018.

“The Ability to Write is Always Present.” Guest Blog Post for National 
Council of Teachers of English, May 2018: here.
“The Point of Now.” Guest Blog Post for the North American Review, 
Summer 2018: here.

Presentations available online:

2019 TEDx talk, “How Mindfulness Can Transform the Way You 
Write”: video.

“How Mindfulness Can Transform the Way You Write a Novel.” Webcast for 2021 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo):  video.

NCTE Mindful Writing Webinar Series at National Council of Teachers
of English. Host and architect of show. (A new series is happening in September/October 2022: more info soon): here.  here.  And here.

Mindful Writing: A Conversation. Featured speaker at What a Word 
is Worth Podcast: Conversations with Creative People on Collective
Healing Using Innovative Means. Host: Dr. Marianela Medrano. 
December 5, 2021: podcast.
“Why Writing Goes Better in College if You’re Mindful”: Academic Speaker Series
Lecture at Landmark College, Putney, VT. February 23, 2022: video.

Additional presentations:

"Present Moment, Prolific Moment: Using Mindfulness to Write." Workshop I 
offer through New Hampshire Humanities: here

 Keynote Address on Mindful Writing for Secondary Schools Writing Centers
 Association (SSWCA) Conference. March 2021. 

This Very Moment is Perfect for Writing.” Presenter. 2nd Annual Conference 
on Writing and Well-Being Crossings: Exploring Shared Work in Writing. 
University of Nevada, Reno. January 2021.

Presentation on Mindful Writing for Southern New Hampshire University. 
April 20, 2020. 

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